About Pop of Flavor




Do you love popcorn? No, scratch that. Do you love adventurous popcorn? Then you have come to the right place!

A little introduction into the company: there is this quirky lady who has a fascination with anything that has to do with popcorn. Just add some flavor and BAM – Pop of Flavor was born!

Pop of Flavor is now in it’s second-going-on-third year and it is growing slowly but surely. As you can see on this web page there are salty flavors, sweet flavors and we also have twangy and different flavors which will be posted in the future.



Now – where are we going?
At present we are competing with a certain ice-cream parlor which boasts to have 33 flavors. Well, so do we! And as we travel and taste popcorn in other places, the list only grows. We want to be the popcorn place in the Caribbean in 10 years’ time.

We cannot do it without you though, because at the end of the day: you are the ones we are serving!
So come on over – and tell us how we can help YOU. And, if you have a flavor in mind that you can’t shake or want us to try out for you, then by all means let us know and you know what?

We will make magic happen… just for you!